DAY 2, 29/06

Fantastic day spent marching around the city, trying to see as many of the tourist sites as possible, and strolling around Le Marais in the early evening.

After a trip to the local farmers’ market in Neuilly, Fiona and I set out for a spot of house-hunting in the 16th. We picked potential buildings, judging them by their window-boxes and elaborate front doors. We walked to the Tour Eiffel (classic), took some photos (classic) and then headed to Les Invalides (classic). While Fiona picked her favourite café (Café de l’Esplanade: sunglasses and attitude obligatory…); I paid my respects to M. l’Empereur.

Got a little lost in Les Invalides but finally found Boulevard Saint-Germain. Headed to Ralph’s at Ralph Lauren for a late lunchtime treat – I would highly recommend, but possibly don’t wear Converse… slightly sniffy maîtresse d’hôtel but very nice staff otherwise. Check out the address book for my other recommendations. Will continue to update it as and when I find new places I like.

Took Fiona across the Pont Neuf and walked along the Seine towards Le Marais, where we spent the afternoon identifying potential husbands and nipping in and out of the boutiques. Finally we made it to the Place des Vosges, where, thanks to Toby Osborne, lecturer extraordinaire, I was able to give Fiona a very thorough explanation of the history and architectural significance of the square. I’m sure she appreciated it…

We now both have our feet up at home: exhausted but very content, and relieved the sun has come out. Excited/nervous for tomorrow, my first day of work!

S. X


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