Birthdays & Burgers

First things first:

Let me just say a massive thank you for all my birthday texts, messages, wall posts, cards, emails, tweets, and Whatsapps. It might not have been the wildest 21st birthday celebration ever, but I certainly felt a lot of loving, so thank you.

Along those lines, I just want to apologise to those of you who bought me presents and gave them to me early – I wasn’t able to bring out my birthday pressies so didn’t open them until this weekend. Thank you to everyone who helped prolong my birthday just a little bit longer. I feel very lucky.

The actual day was very, very laid-back. I baked a millionaire’s shortbread for the office, spent the day at work, and then headed to Bacoa for incredible burgers with the incredible gang. Look at this baby.


That’s a pork burger with Iberico ham, Manchego cheese, and caramelized onion. And it was delicious. After dinner we headed to L’Ovella Negra, a vast tavern in El Raval for drinks, but the photos were a little blurry (for no reason whatsoever, I promise).


A lovely surprise was having Claudia there (not pictured!), who I haven’t seen since leaving school. We had such a fab time catching up that I went round to her gorgeous rooftop terrace for a barbecue on Thursday night – grilled sausages, chicken skewers and my favourite Don Simon Sangria: of course it was going to be a good night!

S. X


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