Brunches & BFFs

I was pretty relieved Wednesday night was a relaxed night – I had big plans for the weekend: Imy was coming! I picked her up from the airport on Friday evening (yes, I did cry) and we headed straight for La Rosa Negra for a catch up over margaritas and Mexican food. Look at how happy we are! (No margaritas consumed at this point.)

We’d both dressed intending to make it to The W for a cocktail, but by the time we’d finished dinner it was 1am – tea, presents and bed were a much more appealing prospect!

Having slept in until midday, food was obviously a priority. I knew exactly where I wanted to take Imy, somewhere I’d walked past regularly on my way to the gym (ironically) – Brunch & Cake.

Look at this:

That’s banana, Nutella and fruit compote on pancakes in the foreground, then wonderfully soft eggs Benedict on turkey and a waffle. Sounds so wrong, tastes so right. I promise I’ll take everyone who comes to visit.

We spent the afternoon strolling round El Gotico, peering into hidden courtyards and finding bargains in the boutiques. Safe to say, I’m not the greatest tour guide: with the winding streets and identical balconies, I got lost pretty quickly, and we ended up walking along the same street probably three or four times. Sorry, Imy! Luckily it’s pretty scenic, and we managed to find an incredible interiors store. It took every effort to walk out without buying anything.

After dinner at home, we headed out to meet the Durham gang again, but only stayed long enough to watch the boys to a Tabasco-laced shot, and watch American tourists drink themselves into a stupor at Le Cyrano. Cyrano is a bar where you pay a flat rate for a drink and then are given the bottle to serve yourself. Sounds great, is great.

The problem in Barcelona is that everything is shut on a Sunday, so I had no idea what to do. Fortunately, Imy and I are design nerds (her especially) so we made our way to the Mies Van der Rohe Pavillion, up on Montjuïc hill. It was so peaceful – we both walked away wanting to live in it.

Having walked back into the city and up La Rambla, stopping occassionally to look at interesting buildings or exciting food stores, we made our way up into L’Eixample, to an exciting destination.

That’s right, we went to Brunch & Cake’s sister restaurant, Cup & Cake, for the biggest donuts I’ve ever seen and frosty iced lattes.

All too soon, it was time for me to return Imy to the airport. It had been such a lovely, relaxed weekend, but I promise that the next time someone comes to visit me I will actually have an idea of what to do in the city…

S. X


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