The First Post from Paris

For once I’m actually stumped for words. I’ve finished my second day at work and I am exhausted.

A 45-minute commute doesn’t sound like much when you have to be at the office for ten, but for the rest of the month I’ll be crossing Paris to get to work for 8h15 every morning. I will be responsible for opening the language centre; turning every computer and light in the building on; organising billing hours; student evaluations; post and cheque deposits; phone calls to students, teachers, and businesses; emails; and – the ultimate responsibility – making a pot of coffee SIX TIMES A DAY. I’ve already decided that when I leave I’ll buy them a Nespresso machine – I might be an intern but even I don’t have the time to stand around for a bloody filter machine.

Despite the coffee bombshell, my first day of work was unbelievably positive. A barrage of information seemed pretty intimidating, but everyone was friendly and charming and very complimentary on my language – phew. The office is quite cute, if miles from the centre of the city. Thankfully, it’s also close to a sushi bar. My last meal at VeryChic in Barcelona was a sushi feast with la prod and so I thought it was fairly fitting that my first meal in the office in Paris was un repas japonais. Today I even managed the phones for some time – my worst cauchemar – and survived.

Happily, coming home to the 5th this evening to my lovely apartment is a delight. I feel so at home already thanks to my lovely colocataire Lucie, who is a student from home who has lived here since September with Emma – a fellow linguist from school. It is a relief to come home and relax and speak English – even if I have discovered a love for Friends in French. This evening I enjoyed The One with L’Unagi. I still haven’t yet needed to tuck into the emergency Percy Pigs stashed above the sink, which I suppose is a good sign too.

Sunday, I went on a typically touristy walk around the Left Bank, before meeting Maddy – fellow Durham intern – for a coffee. Seeing as I’m already late to bed for my 6h30 wake up tomorrow, I’ll leave you with just a few pictures of my fun stroll.

Bisous x










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