Goodbyes :(

I can’t believe I’m at the end of my third week here in Paris. The time has just flown by, and sadly that has come to mean saying goodbye to some of my new friends.

On Tuesday night we celebrated the lovely Iso, who returned to Australia on Wednesday. I have so much to be grateful for thanks to this amazing girl, who I know will not be able to stay away from Paris for long. We started at dinner at Paris’s equivalent of Yo! Sushi, where we were repeatedly told to quieten down by the management as we giggled like little kids over exchanging naughty words in French and English.

Naturally, after dinner it seemed like an excellent idea to go for a drink, so our French friends Simon, Rémy and Raphael showed us to a dingy student bar in the 15th: it was ideal. Cracking out all kinds of music including Top 40, classic Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and some crazy swing tunes, it was the perfect send off to our little Aussie. Please take the following photos with a healthy sense of irony.






The rest of the week passed fairly uneventfully, as I suffered the nightmare of house hunting and Lucie began to prepare to return home to England. That was, of course, until Friday, when, after a shockingly shit day at work, and the added disappointment of finding I’d lost out on my dream apartment, I returned home rather despondently with a packet of veg crisps to eat in bed when I opened the door to discover Lucie was in a similar mood, having received a delivery of photos from the printers. We proceeded to open a bottle of port – to wash down the veg crisps – in the most middle class example of student binge drinking I’ve ever encountered. Lucie was determined to hit a dance floor, so in an effort to be on top form for throwing some shapes, I hopped into bed for a pre-game nap, only to sleep through my alarm and wake at 2.30 the next morning. I’m a hopeless excuse for a student.

Yesterday was spent packing up the apartment at 99 rue Monge and moving my stuff to my next temporary home, as I’m crashing at Lauren’s for the next couple of days while she is back in England. I’m hoping my apartment will be finalised by Tuesday. Safe to say, my folks aren’t particularly impressed that once again, I’ve found myself homeless in a foreign city. Ah, well – all part of the experience, really. Perhaps the next post will be from my own, permanent home. Perhaps it’ll be from Starbucks, as I sneak in to steal their Wi-Fi. Who knows? What I do know is that I wouldn’t change any part of this time I’ve had the chance to spend living with Lucie at our flat – it’s been three weeks, and we could have known each other for three years. It’s been a blast.

Bisous. X

Chanson du Jour: Hold Back the River – James Bay


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