Well, I’ve managed it. Somehow, I’ve landed myself with the most beautiful studio apartment in Paris’s 16th. I have my very own little piece of Parisian real estate. I’m neighbouring embassies and international schools, and there’s a Maserati with diplomatic plates parked outside my building 24/7. A little ridiculous for student living, but it’s ten minutes from work. Can you blame me?

This came in extra useful on Thursday morning, when I managed to wake up an hour and a half late for work. Up at 8.22, in the office by 8.47. Impressive, no? Other than that, though, living here has been a dream. I have an enormous fridge (permanently empty, as if I can afford food at the moment) a dishwasher (ha!) and my very own washing machine. It already feels like home.

The only minor downside is that I can’t actually work out how to pronounce my street name like a true Parisian. The Londoner in me wants to say “Ran-lee”, a strange part of me wants to say “Ran-uh-luh”, and the man on the metro says “RAN-LAG”, which sounds like an aggressive German expletive.

Work has finally “settled” into an only mildly hectic routine which is a relative improvement. It’s not quite the riotous good time I was spoiled with in Barcelona, but it’s been amazing for my French already. The best bit of living here, though, is without doubt the food the people. This past week I’ve really made the most of my evenings – Wednesday, Cressida and I intended to visit the European Museum of Photography but on the discovery that it was closed we made our way to Breizh Café for an incredible galette… Or two. Thursday, Lauren and I shared some quality time over dinner and a stroll down the Champs-Élysées, pinching ourselves at the fact that we live in the most beautiful city in the world. And yesterday evening, Lauren, Anna and I crossed town to Belleville for a Greek send off for Alex, who is off to Salamanca for the rest of her year abroad. Lauren and I finished the evening at drinks on Avenue de la Grande Armée, walking home in the early hours of this morning past the Arc de Triomphe and the glinting lights of the Eiffel Tower. It’s just ridiculous that people travel the world to visit these monuments and for us, they’re just on the high street.

I’ve spent the morning in bed, enjoying a lie-in and binge-watching J’ai dit oui à la robe. And if I’m honest, living in this city really is the dream.

Chanson du Jour: Home – Johnnyswim


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