3.14.15 – Pi Day!

The weeks are absolutely racing by now – I can’t believe we’re already in mid-March. Last weekend I finally had my opportunity to surprise the gang back home. Unfortunately, due to rising stress levels among certain third-year engineers, I was warned that I should probably alert some people to my impending arrival so as not to cause any dangerous reactions. So sadly my weekend was less of a surprise, but no less fun. After a long old slog at work on Friday, I positively skipped out of the office at 5pm heading straight to Gare du Nord. There with plenty of time to kill, it finally sunk in – I was going home!

I settled into my seat on the Eurostar with a clutch of magazines pinched from the rack, and immediately shut my eyes, hoping to catch some Zs before the busy weekend. But, as we pulled out of the station I flicked my eyes open to discover a seriously cute guy opposite. Obviously any hope of sleeping was dashed, there was no way I could risk mouth-open-and-sleeping photos. Karma got me good, though, when I tried to Snapchat a photo of this Parisian Adonis to Lucie, at which point my flash went off and my phone made an incriminating shutter noise. A very *very* small part of me is slightly relieved that though my life is infinitely more exciting living in a foreign country, I still haven’t lost any of my infamous skill when it comes to embarrassing myself. It might seem really cool that I live in Paris and I speak French and I live by myself in this incredible city (or at least I think it’s really cool…), but I’m still the same girl that managed to sprinkle cinnamon on her salmon thinking it was cayenne.

Embarrassing (endearing?) anecdotes aside, I was lucky enough to be met at the station on the other side of the Channel by Liberty, and we ventured to Covent Garden for dinner. It couldn’t have been a nicer welcome home. Next morning fairly early I hopped on my train northbound to university for the Caledonian Society White Tie Ball – my reason for going back. I won’t rehash the details other than say I could not have enjoyed myself more. I was lucky enough to have several of my best friends brought together in one room, and even some long-lost friends too. I didn’t take a single photo somehow, so see the video that Flo made here!

Bonus points if you can spot me, extra bonus points if you can identify what reel I’m doing. (Hint: it’s my favourite!)

After a delicious brunch at 12 East Atherton, hosted by the inimitable former Nevilledale Crew, it was sadly all too soon to leave, and I was back on the train after a grand total of 23 hours in Durham. Fortunately, I couldn’t be happier to be back in Paris.

I’ve spent the week recovering from the grand total of eight hours sleep I had over the weekend in England and catching up with folks over here. Tuesday Lauren was under the weather so I took over some miso soup and we gossiped, Wednesday I tried a new bistro with Pip and I finally saw American Sniper, and Thursday was – unsurprisingly – spent in another bistro with Soph. Then, I spent this morning showing Alice, who’s new in town, my favourite spots in Le Marais. Topped off with a stroll in the Tuileries, a cuddle with a wriggly baby dachshund, and even stroking some charming police horses, safe to say this week has been SUPERB.

Bisous, S.x.

Chanson du jour: Believe – Mumford & Sons


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